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We Are Local Source

Our mission is... 

to provide access to local, fresh, high-quality products that support a healthy lifestyle

& allow guests to actively participate in local seasonal food economy 

Our vision is...

to boost local economies and be a champion of vibrant and dynamic food cultures

Our values are... 

We are connectors.

We grow together. 

We are dynamic storytellers, authentically representing our suppliers & community. 

We have goals to encourage better connection of consumers with their own local seasonal food basket

and all the joys, benefits, limitations & therefore creativity that come with eating with the seasons.

Owner/Operators Krista Armstrong & Sean Gallagher both come from a strong hospitality, guest experience and food backgrounds.  

Armstrong, originally from the Annapolis Valley, came on board as an Owner/Operator in 2018 with a background and gift for creating a strong work culture.  Armstrong has an excitement and energy to be the experts in promoting local food culture in an approachable, guest focused environment. 

Gallagher, the founder of Local Source is from Ottawa and raised in South Africa, opened the doors in 2005 as a recent graduate from Dalhousie University.  With his passion for great ingredients connecting clients to their local food baskets, aimed to improve quality of life for consumers and producers alike. 

Together with a fantastic team in their corner, they will continue to be cheerleaders of local farmers & producers

and the simple act of eating well. 

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